What are Preserved Flowers?

Can you tell the difference?  Both are real roses.  One is 6 months old and can last up to a year and one will only last 6 days. 

Answer: The left rose is preserved.

The Floral-escence difference…
    What exactly are preserved flowers? Preserved flowers and foliage are REAL flowers; they are different from dried flowers in that they are natural flowers and greens that have been processed with a unique technology to create and maintain their fresh appearance for up to a year, sometimes longer.  The proprietary process allows the moisture in the flower to be replaced with glycerin which leaves the flower soft to the touch and in a perpetual state of perfection. Their beauty and soft delicate touch and appearance make it difficult to differentiate between fresh cut flowers and preserved ones.

Why choose FloralEssence over other options?
     Silk, plastic and fake flowers simply do not compare to the real thing! When dealing with fresh flowers, it is always a surprise to both the florist and the customer as to what you will get, and they typically only last for a week at the most! As we know, nature is highly unpredictable, therefore ensuring the exact color, size, freshness, price, and seasonal availability is nearly impossible with fresh flowers.

FloralEssence has the solution to these problems:

      Real Preserved Flowers. Before the preservation process, each individual flower’s size, freshness and appearance is inspected, and only those flowers that pass a strict criteria are preserved. The color choices and variety of flowers is vast and predictable, and most ideas for fresh flowers can be made with preserved flowers instead. Flowers so perfect, that they are almost indistinguishable from fresh, and the best part is that they will last for years of enjoyment.
      Furthermore, the price of fresh flowers fluctuates throughout the year, and they increase significantly during holiday seasons. At Floral-escence, there are no price fluctuations; the prices for preserved flowers are constant no matter when you order!

Environmental concerns…
     We feel it is important to mention that all substances used in the preservation process are non- toxic, non- corrosive, non -carcinogenic. The solutions and colorants are the same as those used in food, and textile manufacturing; therefore, they do not represent any health or environmental risk.