How do I care for Preserved flowers?

- DO NOT water. They do not need water and water will damage them.
- Should be kept in places with levels of humidity between 30-80%.
- Prolonged exposure to high humidity may cause color leakage, staining or other similar damage.
- Avoid direct contact with clothes or fabrics as the color may run.
- Avoid prolonged display in direct sunlight and humidity. Both may cause the color to fade or run.
- For dusting, use a compressed air can or feather duster.

In case of accidental ingestion

- They are natural flowers that have been chemically processed to maintain their fresh look and softness for several months.
- Preserved flowers are non-toxic, noncorrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable, non-explosive and not chemically-reactive and therefore they do not represent any risk for the human health nor the environment.
- Our flowers are not cultivated for edible purposes.
- If your child or pet has ingested a significant amount please seek medical attention.

How does the custom ordering process work?

- First request to speak or email with a floral designer. We are available to answer questions in the chat box.
- All the options will be discussed with you and your floral designer and a detailed quote will be provided.
- After your approval of all the details and cost you will then be sent your custom purchase order.
- After your purchase we will then order flowers needed and start work on your order in the agreed time frame.
- We will send you pictures of each item finished for your approval and to accommodate changes and alterations you request.
- We will not ship until you have signed off and are happy with your items ordered.

How long do Preserved flowers last?

- Preserved flowers can last up to a year and in the most optimal conditions can last multiple years.
- They are fragile and soft to the touch in the same way as fresh and handling can cause damage.

Returns and Refunds

- We aim for 110% customer satisfaction and take the above steps to ensure your order is made to your specifications.
- If for any reason you are not happy with your flower upon delivery you must contact us within 24 hours of delivery confirmation for a refund to be considered.
- Customers are required to pay for return shipping costs.

How are they sent?

We ship USPS and insure our packages. We use specially designed boxes to protect bouquets and arrangements.
Some light shedding of dried materials is expected and does not affect the overall appearance.
If significant damage has occurred in shipping please save and photograph the packaging. Notify us immediately and send the photos to us of product damage and packaging and we will send out replacements flowers at our cost.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We keep most items in full stock at all times.  Typical time is 2-5 days from the time the order is placed to arrive at recipients door. We ask at the the checkout for you to state the desired delivery date by.   For specialty rose colors it may take a few extra days.

How much advance should I order my wedding flowers?

We like to start discussing your custom wedding flowers at least 3 months out from the wedding.  We will detail all items to be made and provide a quote and custom order.  We will send pictures for your approval before shipping. We like to ship out a month before your wedding date.